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Originally from Richmond, Virginia, I landed my first radio job at a small AM radio station in ‘98. I instantly fell in love with building this one-on-one relationship with listeners in the community. . . and thank goodness, they fell in love with me, too! Since my first day in the booth at that little radio station, I've been blessed to work with 16 different radio stations, two television stations, my own award-winning and highly rated morning show, and over 20 podcast series.

I’ve spent the larger part of my life interviewing community leaders, small business owners, and nonprofit organizers, learning all about their passions, strategies, business models, and needs. They struggled the most with getting their message heard and affording advertising on radio and television stations. After years of watching this, I had my AH-HA moment. I knew I could do something about it.

My partner Megan Mason, who has spent years in community leadership, business development and the nonprofit sector, joined me in launching a new media company that would develop a long-form storytelling platform for businesses and nonprofits in the form of giving them their own show that would live forever – a podcast!

Our media company developed over 20 podcasts in Virginia, and Washington, D.C. – where we started – and is now producing podcasts in Savannah and Coastal Georgia, including "Made of Savannah" with Corcoran Austin Hill Reality and "Soundtrack of Savannah" with the Savannah Philharmonic. 

Our passion for communications, content creation, community, and stimulating intentional conversation is at an all-time high. We’d love to connect with you to show you how we can help you tell your story!

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